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Supporting every body

Alexandra O'Connor is a Fertility Support Trained Practitioner.

As a group of expert practitioners we are committed to supporting every birthing body, and all permutations of the people it takes to make a family.

  • We are committed to using the correct Pronouns for each person who walks through the door.

  • We are committed to recognising the unique journey taken by same-sex couples and the complex and sometimes traumatic journey that fertility work can represent to Trans and non-binary people.

  • We are committed to treating known egg donors and surrogates without judgement.

  • We are committed to acknowledging the unique challenges medical racism (or even just existing in a black or brown body) can pose to people of colour, and within this, to recognise our own privilege and be open to course correction without fragility.

  • We are committed to supporting people in bigger bodies, differently-abled bodies and people of all religions.

  • And finally, we are committed to accepting without question the lived experience of all people who walk through our doors.


I aim to treat people fairly and to recognise and respond to their individual needs, experiences and aspirations. Firmly believing that human diversity strengthens and enriches our society, I strive to provide healthcare without discrimination and with open-hearted, skilled, support.

Kind regards


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