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Do you need a Fertility Mentor to Teach you everything you need to know - to Empower you, Support you and to help you to Take Charge of your own Fertility?


In our house we refer to this phase as 'CoronaTime' - the world seems to have come to a standstill, yet the sun is shining, the Spring is rolling in and life is still there for the taking. It feels as though someone hit the 'pause' button for the world. 


The gift that all this upheaval brings is us is TIME!


Let's use it wisely - work with me to take a good look at your current menstrual cycle, work out what could be at the root of your fertility struggles and work out what we can do to make it better.


With my clinics closed, I cannot use my acupuncture needles - but my experience, knowledge and enthusiasm are still available for anyone who chooses to work with me. Since lockdown I have noticed a tidal wave or tips, information and expert advice out there - but unless you really know your cycle it is difficult to know which bits of information are useful for you.


I can help with that - let me take away some of the confusion and overwhelm and help you to make the most of this precious time. As long as you have email, a phone and Skype or Facetime then we have all we need.


In the past week I have had a few clients achieving a BFP so I have a few spaces to fill, so now is a good time to contact me!

Do you know your FSH from your AMH?


Do you understand why we measure progesterone and when?

Do you know how to tell when and if you are ovulating?

If you have PCOS, do you know what is driving it and how to improve your hormone balance?

Do you know that high prolactin can cause infertility?

Do you know what a healthy cycle looks and feels like, or how to make your cycle more healthy?

Do you know why your thyroid health matters?

Can you read a Basal Body Temperature Chart (BBT)?

Do you know what blood tests to ask for, when to push for them and how to interpret the results?

Through a mixture of phone calls, emails, Skype or FaceTime, I can use my extensive knowledge and experience to help you to learn all you need to know about your own fertility. 


Knowledge really is power - it makes fertility struggles feel less intimidating, less frightening. Knowledge can put you in the driving seat. Learn how to track your cycle, how to interpret your body and what you can do to support your own fertility. There is so much information available online, but it is often difficult to know what advice is pertinent to you - what will help you, what will make your situation worse. 

Don't struggle with infertility alone - work with me, a self-confessed fertility detective and specialist fertility acupuncturist. Get in touch with me, let's find an arrangement that works for you - whether that is a single extended phone call, or regular weekly contact to teach you how to work with your cycle.

I look forward to working with you!

Kind regards,


 Young Woman Contemplating


Do you know for sure that you are ovulating? Read this to find out more about proving your ovulate. . . 

Outdoors in Autumn


What is AMH? How can it impact fertility? Why do IVF clinics check it?

Blood Test


What is Prolactin? How can it impact fertility? When to get it checked?

Reaching Out to the Sun



It is becoming increasingly apparent that vitamin D levels have a strong influence on your fertility.



Do you really know your cycle? Do you know how to take temperature charts and why they can be so useful?



Is the  second part of Your Cycle too short? Find out why a progesterone supplement is usually not the answer.


Alexandra began providing mentoring services to me during the COVID lockdown, since we were unable to meet for our acupuncture sessions. I was absolutely blown away by her knowledge which spans both Chinese and Western medicine. Alex made me feel totally empowered by making actionable suggestions - relating to diet, exercise, castor oil packs, blood tests. With the tweaks she suggested, I was fortunate to fall pregnant within a month. I have no doubt this is down to her advice and counsel - one major aspect including identifying that I may be low on iron (which a blood test confirmed I was). I also felt a major reduction in my stress levels around getting pregnant as a result of having her as a mentor. Alex is hyper responsive - at all times of the day and night, and it was amazing to feel that I had her on the journey with me.

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