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Vitamin D for Fertility

There has been a flood of information about the importance of checking and maintaining a healthy level of vitamin D; deficiency is associated with a wide variety of diseases from diabetes to arthritis. Even so, it may come as a surprise to read that vitamin D deficiency can also have an impact on your fertility.


In a study published in 2012 200 women undergoing IVF had their vitamin D levels tested, the results showed that women with a good level were four times more likely to have had a successful pregnancy. A good level of vitamin D is also associated with a reduced risk of miscarriage, with one study showing a direct link between increased vitamin D levels and a reduction in pregnancy loss.

It is easy to have your vitamin D level checked either through your GP, or using a postal service which tests a drop of blood that you can obtain with a simple prick at home ( It is suggested that a level of 30ng/ml is sufficient for fertility purposes, and 40ng/ml is an optimal level.


We recommend you to supplement vitamin D with an oil-based delivery system such as the BetterYou vitamin D oral spray that we stock in our clinics ( or as an oil-based soft gel capsule; if you take it as a capsule, it is best to take it with a meal containing some fat to aid absorption.


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