How I Work

Fertility Acupuncture

I recommend weekly treatment initially, if possible, to get the most out of fertility acupuncture - in my experience this produces the strongest response when it comes to making changes to menstrual cycles, improving blood test results, improving semen analysis parameters etc. Once a good response has been established (as evidenced by better menstrual cycle, improved sleep, improved stress levels, improved libido, better digestion) then we can start to space treatments out more. 

A 3-4 month preparation window is also preferable prior to IVF to give us a chance to improve egg and sperm quality and underlying health (and in some cases to avoid IVF altogether). This 3-4 month preparation window is based on there being no specific underlying issues that need to be resolved - if we uncover issues along the way that need to be worked on and resolved, it can mean that things take a bit longer. If necessary we can minimise the acupuncture treatments to free up funds for other interventions, or even pause altogether while you work on a specific aspect that we have uncovered (digestive issues, varicocele repair etc). 

I have a very integrated approach; I combine my knowledge of how to diagnose underlying health imbalances and support fertility from a Chinese acupuncture perspective with extensive experience in working out how to diagnose causes of infertility from a Western med perspective. 


I will be as interested in your blood hormone levels as I will be in your Chinese medicine diagnostic signs and symptoms. I use classic acupuncture diagnostic tools like the pulse, the tongue and patterns from major health indicators such as sleep, digestion and mood, but I also like use information from blood tests, scan results etc to guide treatment and advice.

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Treatment Prices

Online Zoom Consultation 

This is the place to start for anyone considering one of the Essex Fertility Support 12 Week Packages, but this can also be used as a standalone option if you would like me to cast an expert eye over your situation and provide some advice and direction. We talk about all aspects of fertility, looking at things that impact egg health, sperm health and the health of the uterine environment. 

This is normally held over Zoom, but it is also possible to hold this consultation in person if you would prefer.

You need to fill in and return my fertility questionnaire to get the most out of this consultation.

£180 (behind the scenes preparation, 60 minutes Zoom Consultation)

  • Optional +£30 for written report following the consultation

    If you book a Fertility Consultation with Alex and decide to commit to the Essex Fertility Support 12 Week Gold or Platinum Package, the cost of the Initial Fertility Consultation will be deducted from the price of the Package price.

  • Packages constructed to give us the best possible chance of helping you.

  • Extended acupuncture appointments, plenty of time for us to discuss everything and time for a relaxing, nourishing acupuncture session.

  • Come alone, or come with your partner - unexplained infertility can be easier to resolve if we are working with both parties. 

  • Email support for queries, questions and moral support between weekly appointments.

  • You will learn how to track and understand your cycle and how to support a healthier, more fertile cycle.

  • You will learn more about what you can and cannot expect from your GP and feel more confident managing those awkward conversations where you are asking for something that they don't understand or don't want to do!

  • We work with tests and investigations that are not available on the NHS and unlikely to be run by a private IVF clinic - tests that might be able to show what the problem is and how to fix it.

  • ​Everything will be explained things as we go along - why we are recommending certain tests, what the results might show.

  • We will help liaise with and coordinate any additional testing or referrals that seem necessary and help you to understand the results and see what action is recommended.

  • You will feel supported and listened to throughout the whole process.

The Essex Fertility Support 12 Week GOLD Package combines acupuncture, visceral osteopathy, a session with a nutritionist, a massage and ongoing support and guidance. 

We may recommend additional testing if tests have been overlooked, if we feel the data from existing tests is unreliable or if the results are out of date. It is possible to work without the insight provided by additional tests, but not ideal. This package does NOT include the cost of any of this additional testing.

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The Essex Fertility Support 12 Week PLATINUM Package doesn't cut corners and offers you as much support as we can give you from a team of like-minded fertility experts. This 12 week package offers the same combination of acupuncture, visceral osteopathy, nutrition, massage and ongoing support and guidance as you will find in the Gold Package, but included in the price of this package are some of the most useful fertility investigations and tests that we work with. 

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If you would like to work with us, but are not ready to commit to a full package, it is possible to have some ad hoc acupuncture or visceral osteopathy. 

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