I would love to walk with you on your fertility journey, to support you emotionally and physically through my acupuncture practice.

If you would like to meet with me to talk about your story, I will try my very best to help you.

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In response to temporariliy closing my clinic doors to support the fight against Covid 19, I have taken my knowledge and experience online. Let's make the most of the time we have been given, let's use this time to really learn about fertility and how to improve it.

I cannot use my acupuncture needles at the moment, but I am still bursting with knowledge, obsessed about infertility and I would be delighted to work with you.

Do you need a Fertility Mentor to Teach you everything you need to know - to Empower you, Support you and to help you to Take Charge of your own Fertility?

Do you know your FSH from your AMH? Do you understand terms like follicular and luteal?

Do you know how to tell when and if you are ovulating?
If you have PCOS, do you know what is driving it and how to improve your hormone balance?

Do you know what you can do to improve endometriosis?

Do you know what a healthy cycle is, or how to make your cycle more healthy?

Do you know why your thyroid health matters?

Do you know what blood tests to ask for, when to push for them and how to interpret the results?
Can you read a Basal Body Temperature Chart (BBT)?

Through a mixture of phone calls, emails, Skype or FaceTime, I can use my extensive knowledge and experience to help you to learn all you need to know about your own fertility.


Knowledge really is power - it makes fertility struggles feel less intimidating, less frightening. Knowledge can put you in the driving seat. Learn how to track your cycle, how to interpret your body and what you can do to support your own fertility. There is so much information available online, but it is often difficult to know what advice is pertinent to you - what will help you, what will make your situation worse. 

Don't struggle with infertility alone - work with me, a self-confessed fertility detective and specialist fertility acupuncturist. Get in touch with me, let's find an arrangement that works for you - whether that is a single extended phone call, or regular weekly contact to teach you how to work with your cycle.

I look forward to working with you!

Kind regards,


The Benefit of Time . . .

While kept out of clinic by the virus pandemic, I am taking my contributions online. In this section I will post here any questions that come into me and respond with information, opinions and links to research and other interesting articles.

Insta query - "My doctor is absolutely adamant not to help me unless I lose weight. He has finally admitted it looks like I have PCOS. He said due to insulin resistance any hormone therapy he does do will be inaffective. Help!"

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is usually linked to insulin resistance and it is a much more systemic problem than simply ovaries having too many cysts.. The excess weight that can accompany PCOS wrecks havoc on the system that we use to manage ovulation. High insulin levels trigger adipose tissue (fat cells) to generate androgens, which are then converted into oestrogen. This large source of oestrogens can confuse ovulation. Normally we secrete LH to trigger egg release when the developing follicle is ready, but we make that judgement by measuring oestrogen levels in the blood. If the blood oestrogen is already high due to PCOS, this whole feedback mechanism fails and ovulation is either very delayed or completely fails.

It is really important to take control of your blood sugar levels - myo-inositol is a useful supplement to help with this, Inofolic is a brand that is often recommended. Diet is also a key factor in controling PCOS - take a look at my article about dietary recommendations for PCOS.

One silver lining to PCOS is that it seems to have a beneficial effect on egg quality in the longer term, which means that your eggs may hold their quality as you age for much longer than someone without PCOS. So time is on your side, and changes are definitely possible - look into myo-inositol or berberine and make some dietary changes towards a more paleo, sugar-free diet

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