I would love to walk with you on your fertility journey, to support you emotionally and physically through my acupuncture practice.

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The time to start is NOW.

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The Benefit of Time . . .

While kept out of clinic by the virus pandemic, I am taking my contributions online. In this section I will post here any questions that come into me and respond with information, opinions and links to research and other interesting articles.

Insta query - "My doctor is absolutely adamant not to help me unless I lose weight. He has finally admitted it looks like I have PCOS. He said due to insulin resistance any hormone therapy he does do will be inaffective. Help!"

PCOS is usually linked to insulin resistance and it is a much more systemic problem than simply polycystic ovaries. The excess weight that can accompany PCOS can wreck havoc on the system that we use to manage ovulation. The combination of insulin resistance and an increase in adipose tissue (fat cells) causes fat cells to generate androgens, which can then be converted into oestrogens. These oestrogens can confuse ovulation - normally we secrete LH to trigger egg release when the developing follicle is ready, we make that judgement by measuring oestrogen levels in the blood. If the blood oestrogen is already high due to PCOS, this whole feedback mechanism fails.

It is really important to take control of your blood sugar levels - myo-inositol is a very good supplement to help with this, Inofolic is a brand that is often recommended ( Diet is also a key factor in this - take a look at the article above about how to tackle PCOS with diet. 

One silver lining to PCOS is that it seems to have a beneficial effect on egg quality in the longer term, which means that your eggs may hold their quality as you age for much longer than someone without PCOS. So time is on your side, and changes are definitely possible - look into myo-inositol or berberine and make some dietary changes towards a more paleo, sugar-free diet.

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